The Inconvenient Truth

Let's call it Backpedal Thursday!

Yesterday, a 9-year-old West Philly student claimed to have been the victim of an attempted kidnapping. When cops came to interview her, she recanted her story. A source told the Daily News that the child lied to avoid getting in trouble for being late to school. 

Meantime, in a Center City courtroom across town, defrocked Catholic priest  Edward Avery, who pled guilty last year to the sexual assault of an altar boy, recanted his plea. Word is, he had pled guilty to avoid a longer prison sentence.

And on Thursday-night airwaves, Fraud de France winner Lance Armstrong recanted his prior claims to never have doped for professional sports. His reason for lying in the first place? His need to win at everything. Oh, and his need to be an ass.

I feel for the 9-year-old. What child hasn't told a lie, to avoid an adult's disappointment? Although thi stall tale, I've gotta day,is a whopper.

As for Avery,t he alleged reason for bending the truth last year was that he wanted to avoid a long prison sentence. But maybe he's bending it now to help out former buddies Rev. Charles Engelhardt and ex-teacher Bernard Shero, who are charged with messing with the same altar boy Avery had a crack at.  Avery's' testimony was to have been pivotal in the prosecution's case. Now, who knows what'll happen? The man's a snake.

Speaking of despicable, can we please stop talking about Lance Armstrong? The King of Dope isn't worth another second of attention, except from those he betrayed, belittled and defamed for speaking the truth. He doesn't owe them an apology. He owes them justice, which will be best found in a courtroom.

Unless he recants his recantation (which isn't actually a proper word, but should be). I'm sure Oprah will be all ears.