The Lazy Way To Help


It's cold, you're tired and the thought of extending a hand to help the needy is just too much to bear.

So allow me to offer a way to do so that requires only the click of your computer's mouse.

Tom's of Maine, the toothpaste company, is running a program called Dental Health For All that will give $20,000 to five of 16 contestants vying for gants to help their community-based dental projects. Philly's own Esperanza Health Center is in the running for a grant, which will be used to expand dental care to the poor.  

How will Tom's choose its winners? By asking the public to vote for the worthiest projects. The top five vote-getters will get the bucks. 

If you're curious about Esperanza, click here to watch a video that the health center produced about its plans for the $20,000. Then click here to cast your vote. Neither action requires you to don a hat, gloves, muffler or boots. Nor must you submit to a drilling of your molars. So it couldn't be easier to do a good thing, right?

Voting runs through March 16.