Thank you, Kathleen Kane


Democratic Attorney General candidate Kathleen Kane issued this needed-to-be-said statement on Saturday regarding PA House Bill 1077, which mandates a preabortion ultrasound test. The bill was passed out of the health committee by a 15-7 vote and is scheduled for House floor action today.

Tell it, Ms. Kane (the itals are mine). And thank you.

"I am adamantly opposed to the controversial bill before our state legislature that would require women seeking a legal medical procedure to undergo a mandatory ultrasound exam 24 hours prior to the procedure.  As the only candidate in the Democratic Primary race for Attorney General who actually has had an ultrasound, I can tell you that it is an invasive,  uncomfortable, often humiliating experience. As the only candidate in the Democratic Primary who actually has prosecuted criminal cases in a Pennsylvania court room, I can tell you that this bill constitutes an illegal search and seizure. Before law enforcement can search the properties or possessions of drug dealers, we must first serve them with a search warrant.  Criminals are afforded more rights than this wrongheaded ultrasound bill affords women.  This bill is yet another assault on women's rights.  I stand firmly against it and am urging state lawmakers to do the same."