St. Laurentuis Families Win Their School Appeal

Just got a jubilant phone call from A.J. Thomson, a parent advocate from Fishtown whose daughter attends St. Laurentius School, which the Philadelphia Archdiocese had slated for closure come June.

A.J. tells me that an archdiocesan official notified St Laurentius officials just now with news that the school had succesfully appealed the closure and will remain open. A prayer service of thanks will be held at the school tonight at 7pm. It's located at 16th and Berks.

St. L

"In all my years as a community advocate, this is the most important thing I've ever been involved in," says A.J., an attorney and lifelong Fishtowner. "I am as excited as I have ever been and very grateful."

The archdicoses will release its final list of closures tomorrow.

(Update: The Inquirer has this update about three elementary schools that have won their appeals.)