PPA's Cornell: You read it here first


In case anyone's wondering, it appears - according to at least one happy citizen I've chatted with - that Susan Cornell does real work over at the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Cornell is the former Montgomery County state rep who asked newly indicted State Rep. John Perzel to help her find employment after she lost her re-election bid in 2006. On page 143 of the grand-jury presentment,  note my colleagues Chris Brennan and Catherine Lucey, Cornell stated that Perzel found her a ghost job in former state rep George Kenney's office, a no-work-for-a-paycheck gig that made her feel icky.

So she asked Perzel to help her score a different position, and that's how she landed at the PPA, where she's paid $67,894 per year to do government relations and customer-management work.

Followers of this blog may recall an item I posted in October about a reader's pleasant interaction with Cornell at the PPA. Cornell didn't see the post until last week. That's when she took the time to send me this  e-mail, which I received on Thursday:

I wanted to take a minute to write and thank you for your story on 10/12/09, "News Alert! A happy PPA story!"  It was so great to read a good story about the PPA!  If you happen to talk to the reader who sent the e-mail to you, please let them know I appreciate them taking the time to write to you with a positive experience with the PPA.
And, of course, thanks to you for putting it online!
Best regards,
Sue Cornell
Philadelphia Parking Authority

Wow - a PPA funtionary who's accessible by phone and sends thank-you notes? Can Cornell be cloned?