Over the Top Border Protection

Bicycle cops guard the free view from harm

Reader Brendan Flannery read my colleague Stu Bykofsky’s column this week about a die-hard Eagles fan who has been ordered not to peer through a fence to watch the the Birds practice at the Novacare Center on Pattison Ave. 

And he has his own tale of viewer frustration to share.

He says he was denied the chance to be a peeping Brendan at last weekend’s Budweiser Made in America Festival.  His frustration went down near the ramp that leads east from the Spring Garden St. bridge. He was standing near theclosed-off  entrance to the Vine St. Expressway – located to the right of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and flanked by the Park Town Place complex. Attached here is the fuzzy photo which, presumably, no one prevented Brendan from snapping.

Says Brendan:

 ” I was standing [there] around 7:30 p.m.,  next to a police officer, enjoying looking in on the concert.  I spoke with him briefly and he informed me that Jay Z would be performing around 9:30. After hearing [that] my girlfriend and I decided to get something to eat.  We returned around 9:00 pm and there was now a dozen or so bike police officers standing by the area [where] I had previously been.  We walked over to the spot and were told we were not allowed to stand there.  We were at least 15 feet from the fence and this area was not blocked off for any official purpose.  Why were we able to stand there at 7:30 but not 9:30?”