One last word about blood doping

I'd already filed today's column about my desire to blood-dope for extra pep when I received an official comment about my quest from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.  I had shared with the USADA spokesman that I was a pooped working mom and was searching for an energy-boosting alternative to caffeine to get me through the day.

Here's what USADA had to say about it:


“The improper and non-medically necessary use of blood transfusions, oxygen enhancement drugs, and hormones has the potential to cause serious harm, a chief reason for its prohibition. This potential for harm exists regardless of a person’s athletic status.”

As an aside, an expert in the blood-doping field, who wished to remain anonymous in this matter, wanted reiterate, unequivocally, that I'd be a dope to blood-dope.

"Blood transfusions are a highly risky and prohibited method, especially when done outside of a hospital setting where the methods of collection, storage, transport, testing, and administration procedures and volumes are highly controlled. Blood transfusions are given to patients with serious medical conditions, and assuming a 'mom”' would simply take a blood transfusion for 'extra energy' is not the scientific or medical result of the administration of extra blood.

"A healthy individual, who is not an elite athlete, would not notice significant health difference from the infusion of extra blood volume, and likely would experience a number of serious negative side effects, and possibly risk death. The science of performance and the benefit of blood transfusions on hemoglobin mass is complex."

So no doping for me. Which is a good thing because, oh, do I hate needles.