Make 'em listen to Mummers music

The fun part about battling for World Series supremacy is dreaming up ways to rub the opponent's face in their loss, when they, indeed, lose.

Kevin Meeker, owner of Philly's Q BBQ and Tequila Bar, and Shaun Clancy, owner of Foley's N.Y. Pub & Restaurant  ("An Irish Bar ... with a Basbeall Attitude") have entered into a grand plan of humiliation.

Choke shot
Rememebr this? Let's hope the Yankees choke again.

Here's how Kevin pitched things to Shaun in an e-mail he shared with me:

"If the Yankees should win, my restaurant workers would have to wear Yankees jerseys, hats, uniforms or anything else you want us to wear  for one week after the World Series ends.  We would have to also wear them on opening day of the 2010 baseball season.

"We would have to listen to the CD of whatever music you pick for us to listen to for that week and opening day. Hopefully, not 'New York, New York' over and over again.

"If the Phillies win, then YOU  have to wear the Phillies gear for the same week after the Series and on opening day of next year.  You will have to listen to a CD of Philadelphia Mummers string-band 'show of shows' music. 

"If the Phillies lose, we would serve food from our great city to the homeless, on the day you choose.  This would include cheesesteaks, hoagies, Philly pretzels, scrapple, TastyKakes, ribs from my restaurant, local beer and maybe Bluecoat gin from Philadelphia. 

"If the Yankees lose, you will do the same with whatever food is native to NYC.  Do you have anything other than bagels and cheesecake?"

Kevin tells me that he and Shaun - whom he has never met face to face - are having fun with this smackdown, even trash-talking each other via text messages during the games.

What does he think will be the hardest thing for Shaun's customers, once the Phillies soundly kick the Yankees' stupid behinds?

"Definitiely listening to the Mummers music," Kevin tells me. "The Mummers are great, but everyone knows that an hour CD of string-band music is 59 minutes too long."