Lesbian Bride-Inspired TV

Salon owner Renee Vollmar with "What Would You Do?" host John Quinones.

You know your personal drama has earned national cachet when it inspires a segment on "What Would You Do?" - the John Quinones-hosted ABC show that uses actors and hidden cameras to stage ethical dilemmas and record real-people responses to the scenarios.

So it is for Alex Genter, the lesbian bride-to-be whom I wrote about last year, who, because she is gay, was refused service from a Somers Point, NJ bridal salon owner.

Inspired by Genter's story, "What Would You DO?" staged a scenario at Bella Sposa Bridal Boutique, in Denville, N.J., in which a phony salon consultant refuses service to a phony lesbian bride.

The episode, taped last fall, airs Friday night (March 23) at 9pm. "We were very moved by Alix's story," show producer Mary Beth Lavender told me.

Even the phony version was "very emotional," says salon owner Renee Vollmar, who watched the staged scenarios unfold via a remote monitor.

"One mother and daughter were so upset at how the 'bride' was being treated, they were crying," Vollmar says. "Another bride left without saying a word. When the cameras caught up with her, she said she'd never shop in the store again. It was encouraging to see the support, because every bridal-salon owner I know was appalled by Alix's story."