Front-Yard Holiday Touchstone

Valentines day

If I am ever abducted by aliens and return to Earth disoriented about what time of year it is on my home planet, I will make my way to the 5500 block of Baltimore Ave. in West Philly. And I will feel re-oriented.

There, a trio of homes - Numbers 5508, 5510 and 5512 - adorn their facades with holiday cheer (actually, it looks more like 5510 goes a little wild and its adjacent neighbors get the spillage). Every holiday receives equal, exuberant treatment - Christmas, Easter, July 4th, Halloween. I've never checked out the homes on Arbor Day, but I suspect there's a "trees-y" theme that lets the world know what day is upon us.

Here's the Valentine's Day streetscape, as seen today. I'm feeling the love already!