File this in your 'It's Hard to be a Philadelphian' file.


Philadelphia has been called the fattest city in America.  We're really ugly, too.

Now, according to a survey by a company called Lookout - "the global leader in mobile security" - we lose our cell phones more than people in other U.S. cities do. So I guess we're also dopes.

This is from Lookout's press release:

Lookout's first ever Lost Phone Study, released today, reveals that that U.S consumers are losing more than $30 billion per year on lost phones, which nets out to over $250 per person.

Philadelphia was found to be the top city in the U.S. to lose your phone. Additional Philadelphia findings include:

             · Residents of Philly lose their phone two times per year on average

             · The price tag for lost phones in Philly is $48 million

             · The most likely spots in Philly to lose your phone are: buildings, automotive shops, pizza places, and churches

             At least Philadelphia isn't as bad as Manchester, England - where residents, the study claims, lose their cell phones more often than people do anywhere else in the world.