Father Jim Has A Lawyer

Maybe the lawyers can straighten out this mess.

That's what George Bochetto thinks. The Philadelphia super-lawyer has been retained by Father Jim St. George, pastor of St. Miriam Old Catholic Apostolic Church, who was fired on Feb. 18th by Chestnut Hill


(Read my column about it.)

Father Jim had taught theology courses there as an adjunct professor
before the school revoked his contract offer because, according to a statement by college president Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, the college learned that he's openly gay in a long-term relationship.

"We are looking at all the legal options," said Bochetto, who wouldn't
elaborate what those options would be - though I think we can imagine,
given Bochetto's penchant for going nuclear in high-profile cases.

Still, he stressed, "Father Jim is very hopeful that we can reach a
sensible resolution to this problem."

My hope is that Chestnut Hill College sees the light on this train-wreck
of a mess they created for a very, very good man. (As for the PR mess the school is perpetuating for itself  - who IS Chestnut Hill's PR advisor, anyway? ). By all measures, Father Jim did an exemplary job attempting to inspire Chestnut Hill students how to try to be thoughtful students as well as God's hands and feet in the world.

This is not a probelm to be resolved in a courtroom. It should be settled quickly outside of it, by decent people, on all sides.

Stay tuned.