Being White in Philly: Part Two

Philadelphia Magazine hoped to launch a conversation about race when it published its March cover story, "Being White in Philly."

The conversation turned out to be about how racist the essay was. Everyone from Philly Mag's own writers to Mayor Nutter to yours truly have found the piece contemptible.


On Monday, March 18, Philly Mag will host a discussion called "Can We Talk About Race?" - although I'm sure it will wind up being a discussion about the magazine piece - at the National Constitution Center. The event is free and open to the public, but spots are limited. To attend, click here to register online.

I'll be there. As a former staffer at the mag and current occasional freelancer for it, I feel a strong tie to the publication and to Bob Huber, author of "Being White in Philly." I am pretty heartbroken about the piece. I look forward to hearing what Bob and editor Tom McGrath have to say about it in a public forum.