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A correction, an apology and a news flash

Allow me to crawl out of the dog house ...

A correction, an apology and a news flash

The staff of Society Hill Veterinary Hospital is holding a fund-raiser Sunday.
The staff of Society Hill Veterinary Hospital is holding a fund-raiser Sunday.

This is one of those blog posts that contains a three-fer: A correction, an embarrassed apology and a news flash.

The correction has to do with an error in my column today about Patrick and Stephanie Dodd, the owners of a loveable Rottweiler named Yazzy, who needs surgery to fixed a busted ligament in his right hind leg.

I reported that the Dodds needed $4,000 to have Yazzy treated at Society Hill Veterinary Hospital (SHVH, for short). Actually, $4,000 was the quote they'd gotten at another vet hospital, and they had an appointment scheduled for today at SHVH to get a second opinion about Yazzy's care and costs.

Their consultation today yielded a fabulous result: Yazzy's treatment at SHVH will cost less than half the $4,000 they'd feared it would, and it will not require the titanium procedure (which SHVH doesn't perform, anyway).

I apologize to the good people at SHVH for the error. I hate when mistakes like this happen, and the Dodds and I are trying to figure out how the miscommunication between us happened in the first place.

Anyway, the happy news is that the Dodds now plan to donate excess funds they raise to SHVH's wonderful Millennia Fund, which helps pay for life-saving medical care for pets whose owners can't afford the cost of treatment.

Coincidentally, the Millennia Fund is holding its own fund-raiser this Sunday: a fun, annual dog-wash at the hospital, located at 501 S. 2nd St. (on the southeast corner of 2nd and Lombard Sts.), to raise money to strengthen the fund's coffers.  No dog is "too big nor too dirty for our team of power pet washers," staffers  promise. Treats are included. 

For more info, call the hospital at 215-627-5955. And to read how the Millennia Fund came into being, click here and scroll down. It's a great story - and hats off to SHVH owner Claudia L Casavecchia DVM for coming up with such a great charity. 

And if you're near a radio tomorrow morning (Friday) at about 8:30am, tune into The Big Talker, 1210-AM, where the Dodds and I will be talking about the financial dilemma that pet-owners face when they're hit with unexpected medical bills for their animals.

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