A Phillies Polka? Why not?


'Tis the season for baseball superstition, so let me say that I believe my blog post on Monday about a  singing-songwriting World Series umpire  brought good luck to the Phillies, who won Game Five that night, 8-6.

Ergo, there is a now a cause-and-effect connection between my blogging about World Series music-related things and the Phillies' success at the ballpark.

So allow me to make another musical connection.

Click here to listen to a polka called "The Fightin' Phils,"  written by the now-defunct Delaware County String Band. The strummers composed the ditty in 1950 when the Phillies last battled the Yankees for world domination.

Sadly, it did not bring the Phils any luck back then, as the Yankees clobbered our guys in four games.

But that was then, this is now, and my blog has proven that, in 2009, this blog has the power to determine game outcomes. This blog, and maybe my friend Kate's lucky socks.

Anyway, give the song your ear, but be patient. The band plays the entire thing, all the way through, before the singers jump in. When they're finished, the band plays the song all the way through - again. Then the whole thing repeats ...  and repeats ....and repeats...

So steel yourself.

And if you want to listen to "The Fightin Phils" in a public venue, head on down to the Polish American Center at 308 Walnut St., where "The Fightin' Phils" is playing on almost-continuous loop. The center's Michael Blichasz tells me that visitors go batty with joy when they hear it.  Love of string-band music is apparently very big among my Eastern European brethren. 

Wanna sing along?  Here are lyrics.

The Fight, Fight, Fight-in Phils! It’s a tough, tough, team to beat.
They’re out to win, win ev-’ry day. Every victory is sweet.
Watch ‘em hit that ball a mile; play a game that’s packed with thrills.
Get Pa to bring your Mother, Sister and your Brother
Come out to see the Fight-in’ Phils. The fight, fight, fight-’in Phils.