A Big Fish Story

Turtle Pic

This photo is evidence of the happy ending bride-to-be Brett Condon was hoping for when she contacted the Daily News for help when her planned wedding venue, The Philadelphia Belle, went bankrupt in June. That left her and groom-to-be Rob Zahorchak without a place to host their Sept. 24th nuptials.

I wrote a column about Brett and Rob's dilemma and, within hours, the good people at the Camden Adventure Aquarium stepped forward and helped set Brett and Rob's wedding back on track. Brett was overjoyed that it was all going to turn out okay, and she asked what she could do to repay the Daily News for the exposure we had given her and Rob (we put her and Rob on the front cover).

My only (legal) suggestion: Send me a photo of the big day!

Hence this picture, snapped right after the bride and groom said "we do" in front of the 760,000-gallon fish tank. Brett refers to this big turtle as "our wedding crasher who came right up to see what was going on as we kissed at the close of our ceremony."

Congrats, Brett and Rob, and may you sail many smooth decades over the wide seas of marriage!