So, what happened was... Archive: March, 2009

Adorable Family of the Week

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If there were such an award, I’d present it to Trish Houck, her daughter, Leah, and son, Eric. The family will be honored for volunteerism... Read more

"I do" in the hospital

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The first day of spring is all about new beginnings. I can think of no sweeter way to observe the birth of the re-birth season than by sharing... Read more

Wearing His Hate on His Wall

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See this fun sign?
 In these fragile, foreclosure-y times, it would be easy to assume it was mounted on this Fishtown house by someone having... Read more

Now ya see it, now ya don't: What happened to that sinkhole?

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Yesterday, at about 6:46 a.m., I wrote a blog post about a gigantic sinkhole on the 400 block of Moyer St., in Fishtown. It had opened up on... Read more

Swiming Pool Problem Solved!

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On the best days, parking is a bear in Fishtown. So imagine how bad it's gotten for the poor residents on the 400 block of Moyer St., which... Read more

Working Without Pay, for the Love of it

And now, in honor of today’s re-opening of Pickett Pool, I present to you Peg Fredlund, one of my new favorite people. I mentioned Peg... Read more

That T-Shirt Guy Has Pawlowski Shirts

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Now available for purchase are those memorial T-shirts that Matt McIntyre promised to produce in honor of slain Philly cop John Pawlowski. Matt... Read more