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The Catholic School Merger Problem

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Got this thoughtful letter from King of Prussia reader Ed Campbell, whose child attends a Philadelphia Archdiocesan elementary school. He wrote... Read more

Why stop with Uggs? Why not bras, too?

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Gotta scratch my head over the new ban on boots declared by Pottstown Middle School. Administrators have forbidden the wearing, in school,... Read more

Video caught Babe's last moments

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As a dad of ten, John McGeehan has a strong father's intuition. When his son, Joe "Babe" McGeehan disappeared, John wondered if Babe's car... Read more

If Only The Cabbie Had Done His Job

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Turns out that poor Kevin Kless wasn't yelling at a cab driver for having his "availability light" turned on. He was yelling at the cabbie... Read more

Tebowing For St. Laurentius

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Just got this press release from Fishtown Catholic parent and neighborhood activist A.J. Thompson, about a pep rally today 1:30pm regarding... Read more

A Working Dad Responds

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Just got this nice e-mail from reader Milton Trachtenburg, a therapist who spent his career helping abused women and who wrote a few books... Read more

Sexy Firefighter's Last Hurrah

When he posed for "Nation's Bravest," a 2012 firefighter beefcake calendar, Jack Slivinski Jr. wanted the proceeds of his portion of the calendar... Read more

Tebowing? It should be called Lusking

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Love today's piece by my colleague Stu Bykofsky, about Tebow dropping to a knee in the end zone to give a prayer of thanks - aka "Tebowing... Read more