Sandusky's Victims Must Serve Their Own Sentence

Penn State University serial child abuser Jerry Sandusky has been sentenced today to 30-to-60 years in prison for molesting ten boys. My hope is that his victims find mental and emotional peace long before the man himself dies in prison.

Males who were sexually molested as children face a particularly rough road to recovery, says Dennille Shuler, spokeswoman for the Philadelphia Children's Alliance. On Wednesday, Oct. 10, the Alliance, along with the advocacy group Male Survivor, will host a screening of a new documentary called Boys and Men Healing. The film explores the impact that sexual abuse of boys has on both the individual and society.

All are invited to the free screening, which will be held from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Free Library, 19th and Vine Sts. It will be followed by a discussion whose panelists include adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Philadelphia, sadly, is an appropriate city in which to screen the film. According to the Alliance, there are 1,600 reports of child sexual abuse in Philadelphia each year.

From the press release for Boys and Men Healing:

"The film portrays stories of three courageous non-offending men whose arduous healing helped them reclaim their lives — while giving them a powerful voice to speak ou, and take bold action toward prevention for other boys.  The film includes a support group of men and is testimony to the importance of men finding safe places to support one another and share their stories together."

 The film was produced in association with the International Documentary Association.