Monday, May 25, 2015

You call this August?

Heat, hurricanes, on extended vacation.

You call this August?

A colleague asks if this summer is setting some kind of record for the lack of 90-plus days in Philadelphia.

Actually, no. Coming into August, the high temperature at Philadelphia International Airport had hit 90 on 15 days, reasonably close to the normal of 17.

As for overall temperature, the average since June 1 is ever-so-slightly below normal, similar to last summer’s.

What is different about this summer is harder to quantify. It is setting standards for gentleness.

The two “heat waves” barely qualified, with each meeting the minimum criterion for three consecutive days of 90-plus temperatures, and the first one held off until July.

So far this month, only two of the first 14 days have had temperatures above normal, and the prospects for heat next week have cooled, according to the morning update from the Commodity Weather Group.

As for hurricanes, the National Hurricane Center says not much is cooking in the Atlantic Basin. A tropical wave that earlier in the week looked like it had some potential evidently has fallen apart.

We know from experience that late August can be blistering, and Bill Gray, the Colorado State University hurricane legend, once said that he sets his hurricane alarm for Aug. 20, when the tropics tend to heat up.

For now, next week looks like a good to spend at the Shore or the Outer Banks.

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