Winter: What Next?

The temperature failed to get past 32 today for a sixth consecutive day, the longest such stretch in three years.

For all that snow last winter, the region experienced no prolonged, serious cold snaps.

It's unlikely to get past 30 tomorrow, extending that freezing streak to a solid week.

Some moderation is due Saturday, but a clipper passing by to our north might touch off a dash of snow Saturday night.

Of more interest would be the storm due to affect the region Tuesday. Among the models it remains a muddle, but the best guess for Philadelphia right now would be mainly rain.

Right now it appears it will track toward the Great Lakes and spawn a low off the Midatlantic coast. Cold air would be in short supply, and temperatures could climb into the mid-40s on Tuesday.

All this could change radically in the next few days, and the National Weather Service is calling this a "low confidence" forecast.

Cold returns the rest of the week, that's almost certain, and the government's Climate Prediction Center has temperatures averaging below normal here through Jan. 27.

However, the climate center is saying it does see signs of a pattern change, and the East could warm up near the end of that period.

In the meantime, enjoy the snow cover, which shows every sign of exhibiting tenacity.

We'll check back next week.