Thursday, December 18, 2014

Winter 2009-2010: Is that all there is?

A weak storm, then a warm one, but it's only March 1.

Winter 2009-2010: Is that all there is?

With the sun baking away the snowpack, and February now meteorological history, it would be only natural for one's thoughts to lightly turn toward sticking a meat thermometer into winter.

A storm that once appeared to have some potential evidently is going to have a minor impact on the region tomorrow night and Wednesday. A warmer storm may follow later in the weekend, and no new major snow threats are out there.

But it appears as though more-wintry temperatures will follow next week, and Philadelphia certainly has had significant snows from March 8 on. About a foot fell in the March 13, 1993, blizzard -- the last true blizzard in Philadelphia -- and during the equinox storm of March 19-21, 1958.

On April 3-4, 1915, 19.4 inches was measured in the city, big even by 2009-10 standards. Snow has been reported officially in Philly as late as April 20 (0.6 inches in 1983, bringing the two-day total to 1.9), with a trace as late as April 24.

As for the rest of this week, March looks to settle in quietly. The Shore might see some wet flakes from the next storm, but Accu-Weather's Henry Margusity says, "In Philadelphia, it's going to be a yawner."





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