The snowstorm literally has become a coastal bomb and has intensified to near hurricane intensity, says Accu-Weather's Tom Kines.

The peak winds haven't hit yet, and could reach 35 to 40 m.p.h. when they do this afternoon, creating blizzard conditions. Snow will  fall heavily at times into tonight.

As any large, complex storm it has come with its share of idiosyncracies, but in the grand scheme, so far it has behaved as the computer models suggested it would.

It has consolidated offshore, and probably is getting at least a little kick from the Gulf Stream, the warm current that veers off the Southeast Atlantic Coast.

As of 1 p.m., snow totals varied from 8 to 15 inches in the Pennsylvania suburbs, with 5 to 9 in adjacent South Jersey, where the change back to snow took a little longer.

Here are the latest snow totals.

As far as we know, 1995-96, which holds the record for seasonal snowfall with 65.5 inches, has not yet conceded. The 1 p.m. offiicial total from Philadelphia International Airport, which actually is measured by an observer across the river in National Park, N.J., was 8.8.

That put this season at 65.1. Our guess is that '95-'96 is about to wave the white flag.

Philadelphia never has had two giant storms within a week of each other. Perhaps you've often wondered what that might look like.

You need wonder no longer.