Winter: Mild start foreseen

We can say with some confidence that the October chill about to descend foreshadows absolutely nothing for the winter to come, and the winter outlooks from two private companies would appear to second that assertion.

AccuWeather sees winter getting off to a mild start, without much in the way of snow action around here until sometime in January.

In his outlook posted this morning, Todd Crawford, meteorologist at WSI Corp., in Massachusetts is calling for above-normal temperatures for December and January in Philadelphia, after a chilly November.

Overall, for the winter AccuWeather says snowfall will end up below normal in Philly for the third consecutive winter.

This may be a source of comfort to the region's many winter-phobes, but we remind our readers that these have not been the best of times for the long-range forecasting business.

Some of the snow forecasts for last winter turned out be comically wrong. And soon we will have much more to say about the quality of this year's hurricane forecasts.