Whirlwind romance

Understandably, this wedding photo and several others, taken in Canada's spacious Saskatchewan Proviince has created quite a media buzz.

It was posted on the Facebook site of photographer Colleen Niska, and we must admit that we were skeptical.

For one thing, who poses for wedding pictures in the middle of deserted highway?

In fact, Environement Canada did carry reports of several funnel-cloud and tornado sightings in Saskatchewan on Saturday, the day ths couple embarked on inevitable marital bliss.

The venue suggests to us that the photographer knew what she was doing and presumably had a clear idea about the direction in which the storm was heading.

So we'll take the photographer at her word, or her images.

Personally, we're not so sure that someday we want our children to see us in hand-in-hand in the foreground of a twister on a our wedding day, but may their marriage weather all storms.