Welcome to March

For the second day in a row, March-type winds are invading the heart of February, along with March-type volatility.

Yesterday afternoon, gusts of 48 m.p.h. were measured at the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Dover airports.

The winds should die down tonight, but the volatility is just getting started.

Temperatures in the upper 30s this afternoon were about 25 degrees lower than yesterday's. They'll head back into the 40s tomorrow before zooming into the 60s Friday.

Winter, however, evidently isn't quite ready to make a clean exit. In the last 24 hours computer models evidently have picked up on a storm threat for early next week, after a cold front slips through.

It's way too early to worry about it, and the National Weather Service is going with a generic 30 percent chance of rain and snow for Monday and Tuesday.

But don't be surprised if the threat is still in the forecast on Friday, when it may appear quite incongrous. Right now Friday is shaping up as the nicest day in several weeks.