Weather alert

Ordinarily we wouldn't post a comment about a sunny day in April, but this one is noteworthy in that it is about to break an impressive streak.

This will be the first officially "clear" day of the month, and the first since March 29. It also happens to be splendidly warm and brimming with incipient spring color.

Of course, this degree of pleasantness is not going to last, but you still have some time. Sunset isn't until 7:38 p.m., with "civil twilight" lasting until 8:06.

Its reputation notwithstanding, April isn't a particularly sunny month, but even by April standards, the atmosphere's dimmer switch has been exceptionally low this month.

As we've noted, on average the skies are about three-fifths cloud covered, grudgingly allowing the sun to peek through about 55 percent of the time.

Coming into today, the skies for the month had been close to 80 percent cloud-covered, according to the official National Weather Service observations at Philadelphia International Airport.

Typically, 14 days in April or classified as "cloudy," with cloud-cover of 80 percent or more, with seven designated as "clear," or 30 percent or less of cloud-cover.

In other words, 75 percent of the days in April or partly to mostly cloudy, and until today that figure had been 100 percent.

Looking ahead, the sun returns tomorrow, but it will be 10 degrees or so cooler, and it appears that a decent rainstorm is on tap just in time for the weekend.