Twisted weather

By any measure this has been a violent month for atmopsheric behavior across the country, and so far 559 tornado sightings have been reported, according to the government's Storm Predicition Center.

As Accu-Weather Inc. reports this morning, coming into this season the standing record for tornados in April was 274.

That 559 total for this year is prelminary, and odds are the numbers will change when all the t's are crossed, however it's unlikely that 285 of those would be erased.

Another note on the numbers: One thing to keep in mind is that tornado detection is becoming ever-more sophisticated, and human development ever more widespread, so it it's difficult to make clean comparisons with past years.

That said, for severe weather April 2011 is going to go down as an historic month.

Will this continue? In other years when April was off the charts for twisters, May and June tended to be calmer, said Accu-Weather's Ken Reeves.