Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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The "S" word

New storm, possibly a messy one, due next week.

The "S" word

The computer models agree that a significant storm is heading this way early next week but remain deeply divided over what if anything it would add to the season's already unreal snow totals.
A storm is forecast to move into the Ohio Valley on Monday and then re-form somewhere off the mid-Altantic coast.
As the National Weather Service's internal discussions both at headquarters and Mount Holly noted, at last look the European models were leaning toward a more-northerly track. That would favor mostly rain for Philadelphia. The North Americans see a more-snow-friendly southerly track.
However, the models have been flip-flopping, and that's one trend that is likely to continue for the next few days.
Given the uncertainties, for now, the forecasts aren't real helpful. The National Weather Service is calling for a chance of rain and snow Monday, a chance of snow Monday night, and rain and snow again Tuesday.
Accu-Weather put out a news release saying, "The storm's exact track will determine if rain, snow or nothing falls in your area." That's not exactly going out on a limb. 
If you want to care to follow what meteorologists and enthusiasts are saying about the possibilities, check out the Eastern US Weather forum.  Be aware that the discussions won't always be heart-friendly.
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