Summer: Medium, rare

With 98 percent of the votes counted, we are ready to declare that the meteorological summer of 2013 will finish in the top 20 among Philadelphia summers in the period of record, dating to 1874.

However, it will have been comparatively refreshing, given recent summers, and will end up in the middle of the pack among June 1-Aug. 31 periods of the last three, warm-ish decades.

With a day and a half to go in a month that is likely to become a rarity, our best guess of the official three-month temperature at Philadelphia International Airport would be 76.7.

That would place at No. 16 among the last 30, a mere 0.6 degrees above the 30-year normal.

Still, this has been another summer for the books, with record rains, a record run of nights in which the temperature failed to get below 70, and a most-unusual August.

The official Philadelphia temperature has yet to hit 90 this month. And unless someone starts blowing on the automated thermometer, it won't happen today. The noon temperature was 76, and it was cloudy at the airport.

Tomorrow, the temperature is expected to top out at 88. If that holds, this would make only the fourth time since 1910 that Philadelphia got through August without an official 90-degree reading. The last time was 1984.

Here is a recap of records set this summer:

June 1-Aug. 31 -- Rain total of 29.71; not just a record ... that's ridiculous.

June 24-July 23 -- Thirty consecutive calendar days with low temperatures 70 or above.

June 7 -- Daily rain record.

June 8 -- Daily rain record.

June 10 -- Daily rain record.

June 11 -- Daily rain record.

July 17 -- Overnight low of 80.

July 23 -- Daily rain record.

July 26 -- Daily rain record.

July 29 -- Daily rain record.