Storms: More trouble brewing

It hasn't qualified as a heat wave, but the last few days have been indisputably heat-wave uncomfortable with the air swollen with water vapor.

That's going to continue this afternoon before a front finally nudges through tonight. But some fireworks are likely before that happens.

The Storm Prediction Center, in Norman, Okla., has placed the entire region under a "slight risk" of severe weather, with the primary threat being strong winds.

Although the government discussions indicate that neither the available energy nor the rain potential is extreme, the storm center it's possible that the front could spawn weak "supercell" thunderstorms during the mid-afternoon.

Tonight, the front will broom away the water vapor, and by tomorrow afternoon, conditions become more comfortable, although a slight chance of a shower remains in the forecast.

Right now, Sunday is looking magnificent, with low humidity and temperatures in the 80s.

The Shore weather should be fabulous both days, with a modest breeze from the west. This morning, the ocean temperature off Cape May was a balmy 76.8.