Storm Rumors: Friday flashback

This is the third consecutive weekend to begin with a rumor of a significant midweek storm.

The last two did have some merit. Two weeks ago, talk of a mega-snowstorm was more than talk.

This week's storm ended up playing out differently than had been anticipated, but parts of the region did have a substantial icing.

The snow, ice and subsequent cold have left the remaining snowpack looking as though it has been covered with white enamel.

Areas north and west of Philadelphia could get a fresh coat of white early tomorrow before a changeover to rain, but this is going to be no big deal -- that "winter weather advisory" notwithstanding.

The weather Monday and Tuesday should be fantastic for melting, with temperatures in the 40s and the ever-stronger February sun out-shining road crews.

But the local weather universe already has fast-forwarded to the mid-week threat. The National Weather Service already has posted a 40 percent chance of snow for Wednesday night.

If you're noticing a pattern here, you're not hallucinating. It is common for storms to show up in six- or seven-day cycles.

As Ken Reeves at Accu-Weather has explained, typically in winter a storm will float by every 3 to 3 1/2 days. Say the second one in that sequence is consistently the stronger one, it would give the appearance of a storm a week.

As for what our next storm of the week will hold, as one might expect the details this far out remain elusive, but the potential is there. Then it turns seriously cold.