Storm: Lunchtime update

Amid all the glaze and gloom out there, it may be difficult to envision a return of the sun and temperatures 10 or more degrees above freezing, but that's the forecast.

Temperatures are rising throughout the region and are now in the mid-30s in the immediate Philadelphia region, in the 50s at the Shore and the low 60s in lower Maryland.

For morning commuters and all those who lost power in the Philadelphia area, however, the trip above freezing was dangerously delayed.

Cold air was well-entrenched last night when the heavier rains started as temperatures had slipped into the mid and upper 20s on a northeast wind.

Forecasters were depending on an easterly wind off the warmer ocean to scour out the cold air, said Paul Walker, a meteorologist with Accu-Weather Inc.

But by the time that happened back on the mainland, the precipitation was shutting off, and the region already was shellacked with ice.

Walker says the temperature should make it into the 40s this afternoon throughout the region, with sunny breaks. The National Weather Service also is calling for highs in the 40s around Philly.

But the atmosphere will be making ice cubes tonight as temperature head back to the 20s. It will be quite cold tomorrow, with more precipitation likely on the weekend.