Winter: Maybe next year?

Despite the chance of wet snowflakes showing up this weekend, the prospects for something resembling winter drama around here continue to grow dimmer.

While Eastern Europe undergoes a brutal winter siege, with talk of snow even in Rome, winter is having trouble reaching the rumor stage in Philadelphia, the Midatlantic, and the Northeast.

In its daily weather briefing, the Commodities Weather Group, in Washington, noted that the most-recent  European monthly forecast should be close to the heart or energy consumers -- but more like a stake in same for snow prospects.

Forecaster Matt Rogers said the European weeklies "put the lid back on any bubbling of thoughts" about a cold flip in February.

We have mentioned the incredibly warm winter of 1931-32, which makes this one look like it belongs in Eastern Europe.

That year it finally did get cold the second week in March, and the biggest snow of the season, 4.7 inches, fell on March 21, the first full day of spring.