Snow record, all but a formality

As of 1 p.m., officially 8.8 inches was measured at Philadelphia International Airport, putting the winter of 2009-10 within four-tenths of an inch of the all-time seasonal record set in 1995-96.

"It's likely we broke it," said Patrick O'Hara, meteorologist at the National Weather Service, in Mount Holly, but the next report isn't due for a few hours.

We'll put it this way: If the all-time record isn't broken by now, the observer has a broken ruler.

O'Hara said the snow will just keep piling up, with heavy snow into the night. Right now, the storm is just off Ocean City, N.J. "It's going to be throwing back snow for the next six hours," he said.

Then, the snow should taper off, or at least one would hope.