Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow on winter break?

Threats evaporate; Valentine warm-up due.

Snow on winter break?

That once-mighty snow cover is showing its age and the effects of a two-day assault from the February sun.

As of this morning, officially, a 4-inch snow-and-ice cover remained in Philadelphia, and that number should go lower tomorrow morning.

That major storm threatened for midweek right now is off the table, and no new threats have replaced it.

It is going to get about as cold as it has been all winter later this week, but moderation is due on the weekend, in time for Valentine's Day.

And the government's 6-to-10 day outlook is calling for above-normal temperatures for the region as the pattern of warm West-cold East does a flip-flop.

It is unclear how long the thaw will last in the East. As Glenn Schwartz at NBC-10 has pointed out, this isn't the first time this winter that a big pattern change has been promised.

What's different now is that the February sun is growing ever stronger, and even if cold were to return by President's Day weekend, it will be getting late.

But even if no more measurable snow were to fall, this winter would go down as No. 15 on the all-time 125-year list.


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