Storm threat update

It's only Monday, but already a consensus has congealed that a major storm is going to form along the East Coast on Sunday and that it will affect the region with some combination of rain, ice or snow or perhaps all three.

And since it is only Monday, and the storm is little more than a concept, expect the forecasts and the attendant buzz to be mercurial perhaps for the rest of the workweek.

The computer models are suggesting a familiar wintry scenario. An area of low pressure over the Midwest would re-develop as a powerful nor'easter somewhere off the Mid-Atlantic coast.

Right now the National Weather Service says a chance that the precipitation would start in frozen form and then change to rain as warm air gets drawn in with the storm's approach.

Accu-Weather Inc. has Philadelphia and other I-95 sites in that ever-popular, holiday perennial, wintry-mix zone.

Regardless, as posted earlier, Accu-Weather remains bullish on the idea that Philadelphians will awake to a snow cover on Dec. 25.

Accu-Weather's Joe Bastardi has said he expects snow on the ground over half the country on Christmas, with presistent December chill and a decent storm pattern.

Government and private longer-range outlooks call for cold for the foreseeable future as an upper-air area of cold low pressure settles over the East. Accu-Weather has snow in the forecast for a week from Wednesday.

But let's take it a threat at a time, and remember those first two laws of weather: What might happen is almost always more interesting that what it is happening.