Snow arrives; weekend threat revived

Willam Knellinger, dressed as Santa, waits in the middle of the street to pass out fliers for a furniture store along the snowy 2400 block of Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia on Thursday. (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

Light snow has crept into the immediate Philadelphia area, and with the ground ice cold and temperatures in the 20s, it won't take much to slicken the roads.

The forecast calls for less than an inch in Philly,with more to the south, this afternoon into this evening. About a half-inch has been reported already in Cape May, and steady snow was falling Delaware.

As the National Weather Service pointed out, this could be an especially troublesome nuisance snowfall around here, given that most area motorists have zero winter-driving practice since last February.

Meanwhile, the snow-lovers received a major boost from the latest computer-model runs, which show a strong possibility for a significant weekend snowfall.

The latest guidance from both the U.S. and European models, which had been at odds, "increases the threat of a snow event" Sunday from Virginia to New England, according to the afternoon discussion by the government's Hydrometeorological Prediction Center.

Stay tuned.