Snow a no show?

In terms of snow this season, the region has witnessed storms over-perform and under-perform this season. So far, this one has none-performed.

The computer models did a decent job of capturing the positioning and track of the coastal storm, which is generating impressive winds. The National Weather Service has issued a coastal flood warning for the Shore, with moderate tidal flooding anticipated tonight.

But precipitation amounts have been paltry. As of 11, what has fallen at Philadelphia International Airport has been barely measureable.

The temperatures also are safely above freezing. At 11 you had to go all the way to the Poconos to find a 32 reading.

A fresh batch of precipitation had developed in central Jersey, and that still could overspread the area, said Lee Robertson, a meteorologist at the weather service's Mount Holly office. Officialy, the forecast still calls for about a half inch of snow.

That said, the window of accumulating opportunity may well be closed, and during the day snow would not stick to anything that mattered, such as roads and sidewalks. With these temperatures, the March sun might melt any flakes into raindrops before they landed.

It will be a raw, windy day, but a warm-up is due this weekend, and 60 isn't out the question for Monday.

In the meantime, here is the weather service's statistical look back at the incredible February, and where it stands in Philadelphia weather history.