Snow: Update, and prospects

It's official: This won't be the most-snow-less winter in Philadelphia history. A total of 0.3 inches was recorded at Philadelphia International Airport/National Park, making this the first measurable snow of the season.

For the record, that would be 1/77th of what fell in the first snow of last winter (23.2 inches), but it beats the total for the winter of 1972-73, which was a "trace."

The consensus is that the 2009-10 total will go up on Sunday, but no consensus has emerged on how much.

If you've been following the computer runs, this has been a wild week. On Monday, it appeared that the U.S. model wanted a coastal storm to dump a couple of feet on Philly; the European wasn't impressed.

Today, the models evidently have reversed positions. In any event, forecasters are reasonably confident that Philadelphia will see some snow, either a few inches or something bigger with prospects better at the Shore.  

Our advice would be to watch this closely and not be at all surprised if the forecasts on Saturday and even Sunday  change radically.

It looks to stay cold, so any substantial snow is likely to stick around until Christmas, with a fresh coating possible on Dec. 22.

We will be on vacation and wish you a Merry Christmas -- white or not -- and thank you for reading.