Snow Scare II

This time last week, computer models were hinting at a potential monster weekend snowstorm for the East Coast.

It turns out they were on to something with that monster-snowstorm idea; they just missed by about 1,000 miles.

So with that cautionary prelude, we note that once again computers are suggesting the possibility of a significant snowstorm for the I-95 corridor for the weekend.

The U.S. model runs generally have been bullish on Philadelphia being in the cross-hairs of something worthy of last winter. The European has tended to push the storm south.

Officially, the National Weather Service forecast is circumspect, calling generically for a 30 percent chance of snow Saturday night.

Expect the outlooks to change radically with the six-hour model runs during the next few days, and don't take any of it too seriously until at least Thursday.

Incidentally, a touch of snow isn't out of the question for Thursday, as a clipper passes to the south.

And the cold is for real. The weather service calls for temperatures to get locked into the 20s tomorrow.

The last time the official temperature in Philadelphia failed to hit 30 was on Feb. 6, a day on which 21.9 inches of snow upped the storm total to 28.5.