Snow: Another major threat

This must be Flashback Friday. Last week at this time we were talking about the potential of a significant storm hammering the area during the week.

We now know that the potential became reality and then some. Once again, the weather community is abuzz over the potential of storm on horizon for midweek.

Once again, we will caution that it is only Friday, and that the forecasts are going to undergo significant changes.

However, the National Weather Service afternoon discussion depicts a storm that would rival or exceed what happened this week.

Accu-Weather is talking about a storm that could end up affecting 100 million people, and has the Philadelphia region in its "heavy snow" stripe, with a mix line across Delaware.

The weather service says that once again the precipitation could come in two batches, one sometime Tuesday and the other Wednesday, with perhaps a several-hour break in between.

It's still unclear what percent of the precipitation would be snow, but it does appear that the precipitation amounts are going to be hefty.

Expect plenty of hedging, waffling and tweaking during the weekend, but meteorologists appear unusually confident that something important is coming.

We'll keep you apprised.