Snow: Another coat of whitewash

As has often been the case this winter, a storm looks to jog a tad more toward the northwest than previously forecast.

The upshot is that up to 2 inches of wet snow is possible across the region from a storm approaching Cape Hatteras. Here is the lastest National Weather Service forecast map.

A mix of snow and rain should get under way this evening and then perhaps change to snow later tonight. But hold the salt.

Temperatures are going to be quite close to freezing overnight and then rise into the 30s tomorrow, so it would be tough for any snow to stick after daybreak. Even during the night, the snow will find it difficult to survive atop the sun-warmed road surfaces.

In short, said Dean Iovino, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Mount Holly, this one will be "nothing all that significant."

Accu-Weather's Brain Edwards went a step lower, saying he was looking for maybe an inch of white/wet stuff, with 2-inch totals being the outliers.

In the end, it should do little more than whiten the aging leftovers of February.