Snow: An impressive start

Steady snow has been falling for about three hours, and some of the folks who post on the Eastern Weather chat board are reporting  2 to 4 inches.

Out our way, 20 miles northwest of Center City, we've picked up about 3, with moderate to heavy snow continuing.

Check out the radar. The bluer, the heavier the snow. The reddish areas indicated sleet.

In its first accumulation report, the National Weather Service is showing 3.3 in Upper Chichester, Delaware County, and 3.5 in Blackwood, Camden County. I also has upped its its call from 2 to 4 overnight to 4 to 8 -- with heavier snow due tomorrow. The storm totals could hit 20 inches in some places.

Accu-Weather is calling for blizzard conditions tomorrow, with similar amounts. Accu-Weather's Joe Bastardi says up to 2 feet is possible. It appears that Philadelphia will be close to the bulls-eye on this one.

In short, they are talking about the kind of storm that would be the biggest in most other Philadelphia winters, but this one will have to settle for the bronze in what has become an historic winter.

As for splitting hairs on the final totals, driving around on Sunday mindful of the various amounts reported by spotters, I had a real hard time seeing the differences between that allegedly got 22.3 and those they reported 29.5.