Snow, in time for commuters

For the sixth consecutive day, snowflakes are showing up in the region as showers are moving from the south and west toward Philadelphia.

As noted, this has been the season of the penny snow, and this would be no exception, with no more than a half-inch expected.

This episode could be a bit more troublesome than its predecessors, however, since the showers are coinciding with the peak commuting period.

Last night, what was forecast to be a thimble-ful of snow actually failed to meet even those modest expectations.

Technically, however, a "trace" was detected at Philadelphia International Airport, and today would mark the sixth straight day that snow has made at least a cameo in the region.

As best as we can determine from the period of record, dating to the winter of 1884-85, the record would be eight straight days, set from Dec. 19 through Dec. 26, 1935.

No snow or precipitation of any kind is in the forecast for tomorrow. A more-signifcant storm is due Thursday night into Friday, but that is looking primarily like a rainstorm.