Snow threat melting

In the last few days, computer models have teased the region with at least the possibility of a wintry interlude that would turn the Wednesday commute into an adventure.

But the recent runs are trending warmer, and right now even the potential for precipitation to start as snow in the immediate Philadelphia area looks like a long shot.

As for anything measureable, forget it. Posting on the American Weather Forums chat board, Glenn Schwartz at NBC10 said that his in-house model "doesn't even have it snowing in the Poconos."

The current National Weather Service forecast has the precipitation starting as snow in Philadelphia's northern and western suburbs and then quickly going over to rain.

Don't be surprised if that mention of snow disappears later on.

Under ordinary circumstances, the atmosphere would be aligning nicely for snow, with a coastal storm and cold high pressure to the north.

But it appears that the high isn't going to have the necessary heft to supply the cold air, and when it comes to snow, 'tis isn't the season.

It will be quite chilly, if not nasty, with temperatures in the 40s and perhaps a half-inch of rain.

By the time February ends, however, Philadelphia's seasonal snow total evidently will be stuck at 4 inches.  

Incidentally, Friday's surprising lack of warmth followed by a weekend with daytime highs only in the 40s have knocked the winter of 2011-2012 down a peg in the all-time warmth derby.

It's now projected to finish at No. 6 in the 138-year period of record behind 1932, 1890, 2002, 1998, and 1933.