Snow chances increase

To paraphrase the Samuel Clemens axiom, if you don’t like the weather forecast, just wait.

As we observed, the forecasts recently have been particularly volatile. What last week looked like the onset of a durable Arctic invastion now has the look of an Arctic retreat by week’s end.

In the short term, a storm that had been forecast to graze the Shore now appears to have the potential to throw snow all the way back to the I-95 corridor.

The latest National Weather Service snow-forecast map is calling for 2-4 inches along the Delaware and New Jersey coasts, which an inch or less along the Delaware River.

However the most-recent computer model runs have been dragging the snow line farther to the northwest, and don’t be surprised if snow gets added to the forecast for the nearby northern and western suburbs.

Recall that last week, the computer models continued to lift the heavy-snow line northwest, and what followed was one of the bigger storms in the period of record.

This isn’t in a league with the storm of last Tuesday, however, for whatever reasons,  snow has been finding a way to land on Philly this season, so stay tuned.