Snow: St. Patrick's Day record

In addition to taking over second place on the all-time seasonal snow list in Philadelphia, today’s official 4.7 inches  broke the 122-year-old National Weather Service  record for the date by an inch.

Snow this late in the season is quite unusual, but more snow has fallen on a March 18, 5.4 in 1956, and on a March 19, 9.4, in 1958.

It so happened, however, that 3.5 for March 17 in Philadelphia had stood up since 1892.

Two other points of note:

This was the 14th day of the season on which at least 1 inch of snow was measured officially in Philadelphia, good for a tie for second with the winter of 1898-99.

This was the fourth consecutive month in which monthly snowfall was more than double normal. That would be unprecedented.

Snow records in Philly date to the winter of 1884-85.

One more unofficial note: By our count, this morning's was at least the 14th peak-commuting period directly impacted by falling snow and/or ice. That may or may not be a record, and if it is, may it never be challenged.