Sunday, April 26, 2015

Snow: Inching up

Official seasonal total cracks 3 inches.

Snow: Inching up

It wasn't much, but the 0.3 inches of snow tha fell officially on Philadelphia (actually, National Park, N.J.) tied for the second biggest snowfall of the season.

It matched the total for the Halloween weekend storm, but lagged the Jan. 21 clambake by 2 inches.

It brought the seasonal total to 3.1 inches, and moved the winter of 2011-12 to No. 122 on the 125-year snow-total list, nudging aside the winter of 2001-02.

A few other observations:

--Out our way, about 20 miles northwest of the city, this was by far the most-aesthetically pleasing snow of the season. For whatever reasons, Jan. 21's was short on foliage layering.

--We picked up just over an inch, despite eight hours of steady, light snow. That comes to a rate of about 0.125 inches an hour.

--The National Weather Service forecast of 1 to 2 inches was spot on. In fact, up to 2 inches fell in Chester County.

Winter looks to settle in for the weekend, with the models showing another nuisance-snow possibility.


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