Shore waters unsually warm

The region is getting a generous taste of the season to come, and the Atlantic Ocean is behaving like it's July.

Water temperatures off the New Jersey and Delaware coasts are running as much as 12 degrees above normal. Here are the latest readings.

The best explanation so far is that a recent spell of onshore winds from the east has driven warmer waters toward the coast.

Those of you who have dipped your toes into Memorial Day waters profoundly understand the metaphor of cold feet.

Usually, the surf temperatures are in the 50s; right now, they are in the mid-60s to low 70s.

That may not continue, however, says Gary Szatkowski, meteorologist in charge of the local National Weather Service office.

Winds during the weekend should be from the south and southwest, and that could cool off the waters.

Winds, of course, drive the currents and cause upwelling, and can have sudden impacts on temperatures. That's why water temperatures can plunge into the 50s even during a heat wave.